Christian Theology for the 21st Century

A presentation and contact site for the books by Jim Hewitt


The purpose of this website is to introduce myself and my books.


They are almost all reflections on the scriptures, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  In that sense, they deal with the revelation of God (if you can talk about "dealing with" such an experience).  But the revelation of God addresses the whole of human experience.  They are therefore about prayer and politics, health and history, economics and energy.  And above all, they are about engagement.  The revelation of God has no spectators.  You either engage and respond or you don't see, don't hear.  Even those who respond by arguing against it will get on better than those who don't acknowledge the challenge.

Revelation is neither an oracle nor a monologue, but a dialogue, in which God is always active and engaged, changing our world and changing us through the dialogue.  We are being created anew as the dialogue goes forward.  Scripture is a record of that dialogue as it was experienced through many formative generations.


The relationship which is recorded in Scripture continues into our ongoing history, where God is still in dialogue, still active and engaged.  If we do not meet God in our 21st century, then what we learn from scripture will wither and die on us.  If we do meet God, we will find that nothing is revealed which is not in fact given, right up to the very Spirit of God.  That's what is most dangerous about God, scripture, and ongoing history.

That is the conviction behind my books.

"Uruvacu" (pronounced "oo-roo-vah-choo") is the Fataluku word for God.  The Fataluku language and culture from East Timor has had a significant influence on me since I first met Timorese people in Oxford in 1998.