The Books: a list of the books published or in preparation.

p   published

r    ready for publication

u   under way

p   Jesus Messiah                                        The Messiah in Mark, Matthew and Luke   


p   And on Earth Peace                                These three books, each complete in itself,

p   On the Road to Jerusalem                      constitute a reflection on the gospel 

p    Enter the Kingdom                                 according to Luke


r    Lord And Messiah                                   These three books, each complete in itself,

r    The Road from Damascus                      constitute a reflection on the "Acts 

r    To the Rulers of the World                      of the Apostles”


p    A Letter to Thessalonica                        A reflection on Paul’s first extant letter


r    Some  Very Difficult Christians               "The Corinthian Letters"

u   The World Beyond Corinth                     An extensive reflection on Paul’s

u   More Trouble at Corinth                          letters to the Corinthians


u   The Death of Jesus                                New Testament Theology

u   Faith, Works and Salvation                     (a trilogy)

u   Reformation and Revolution        


u    The Warrior God                                     A trilogy reflecting on the early history

u    Too Close to God                                    of Israel

u   Justice at the Gate                      


u   The Story                                                A humanist narrative for the 21st century

          I  The Basics

         II  Property

        III  Humanity