As of September 2021

Prices are introductory and may be higher when the costs of marketing, distribution and administration are factored in.  Any price rise will be notified on this page one week before coming into effect.

On the other hand, when I have built up some capital and am able to do print runs of 1000+, it will be possible to reduce prices.

To place an order online, please click on the book cover or "add to cart" button below.

Alternatively, either to place an order or make an enquiry please contact Jim Hewitt:

07503 895838

01865 773098

15 Monks Close

Blackbird Leys


United Kingdom


Delivery within Oxford, UK (Postcodes OX1 - OX4) is free.  A postal address or other accessible delivery point will be needed.

Deliveries elsewhere in Great Britian or Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic) will be by Royal Mail.  A postal address will be needed.

p & p    1 book              £2

             2 books           £3

             3 - 4 books      £4

             5 - 9 books      £5

            10+ books        FREE

Enquiries are welcome from anywhere else in the world.  I will try to meet requests.  If there is significant interest from any particular region, I will redouble my efforts to set up distribution in that region.

On the other hand, if you're the only person enquiring from your region, I'll send you a free copy, pour encourager les autres!